Rental Equipment

Tiger Boom Mower/Ditcher $2,000.00/Wk.  $6,000.00/Mo.

Tiger Prowler (Remote Control) $2,000.00/Wk.  $6,000.00/Mo.

Tiger Claw (Shouldering Disc) $500.00/Wk.  $1,500.00/Mo.

The customer is responsible for Fuel, Cleanup and Proof of Insurance is mandatory. Any damage to equipment will be added to the rental charge. A week is figured at seven days or 40 hours whichever comes first. A month is figured at 30 days or 160 hours whichever comes first. Any rental unit returned dirty will be charged a cleaning fee. Delivery and pickup charges are extra and will be added to your invoice.  

Tiger Boom Mower

Tiger Prowler

Tiger Claw