2 ea. New Storm Guard ML Controllers with 9 Pin Plug-In $75.00 Each

Storm Guard ML Controller

Crown 6" Water Pump

6" Water Pump on 300 CID Ford Engine Low Hours, Couple of Sections of Suction Hose Call for Pricing

LED Round Work Light Heated Lens


COOP 000-1038  CABLE PASSENGER TIRE SNOW TRACTION CHAIN 14"-17" RADIAL (NO ADJUSTERS)                     3(EA.)      $35.00 EA. COOP 000-2445  TIRE CHAIN FOR 9.00-20, 10-22.5, 265/75r22.5 (9/0 CROSS CHAIN)                                                             2(EA.)    $145.00 EA. COOP 0002627 GRADER TIRE CHAIN 16:00-24/25 (11/0 CROSS                                                                                                1(EA.)    $350.00 EA. COOP 000-2829 TIRE CHAIN LT235/75R-15, P246/70R-15, P275/60R-15 (4/0 CROSS)                                                              1(EA.)    $90.00 EA.   COOP 000-4245 TIRE CHAIN DUAL TRIPLE 10:00-20, 11-22.5, 285/80R-22.5 (6/0 CROSS)                                                     2(EA.)    $170.00 EA. COOP 000-7712 GRADER TIRE CHAIN 13.00-24/25, 14.00-20/21 SWIVEL HOOK (9/0 CROSS)                                             1(EA.)    $300.00 EA. 

Meyer 7-1/2 Plow

Used 7-1/2 Meyer Plow. What you see is what you get. $150.00

Salt Brine Stand

Salt Brine Stand for 1250 Gallon Tank, New but Weathered. Includes Loading Wheels $2,500.00

John Deere 6110M with Tiger Bengal

Tiger Bengal Rear Stow (3 Point Open Stow) 50" Rotary Deck, Engine Block Heater, Radio, Pump/Grill Guard, John Deere 6110M, 16 x 16 Power Quad Transmission

Unit purchased 11/17, 2367 Hours, SOLD    

Unit purchased 1/18, 2500 Hours, $93,500.00

Picture not reflective of current condition


Tiger Prowler Remote Controlled Mower

Tiger Prowler Remote Controlled Mower, 400 Hours $19,950.00

Stop/Tail/Turn with Backup and Strobe

New and Used Equipment (See Tire Chain Clearance Below)

Combination Stop/Tail/Turn, Backup and Strobe $62.92 Each

Amber LED Round Work Light with Heated Lens $55.23 Each

6" Oval Heated Stop/Tail TurnLight

6" Oval Stop/Tail/Turn Light $36.80 Each