Saber Carbide Blades for Western V-Plows and Larger Plows. Requires No Face Blades!

Henke HCX V-Box with Changeable Cartridge

Henke Cartridge Part Way Out

Western Tornado

Henke High Benching Wind

Swenson Poly Hawk with Honda Engine

Swenson SADS Spreader with 6" Auger

Swenson SBDS-9 Spreader with 9" Auger

Swenson RTE Spreader with Electric Power

Swenson MDV-9 Hydraulic Spreader

Swenson EV Spreader Swing Up Spinner

Swenson EV Spreader Optional Lights

Western 2500 Spreader

Western Pro-Flo 900

Western 500 Spreader

Western 1000 Spreader on UTV

Western V-Plow on UTV

Western Pusher Box

Western MVP 3 with 18" Deflector

Western Prodigy on Skid Steer

Western MVP 3 Stainless

MVP Plus with 10" Deflector and Removable Wings

Western Pro Plus

Western Pro Plus with Removable Wings

Pin and Loop Hitch

Homemade Shoulder Drag on H. B.Wing

UQH Hitch

Parallel Hitch

Quick Link Hitch

Pin-On Style Hitch

Husting Hitch

Husting Hitch Greasable Roller Pins

Fair Snowblower (Illinois Tollway)

Gledhill Jet Stream Snowplow

Falls SDL Mid-Mount Snow Wing

Falls TDL Front-Mount Snow Wing

Falls Expressway Snowplow

Falls Snowplow with Parallel Hitch

Henke J-Plow with Poly Moldboard

Snow Equipment

Henke Plow Poly Moldboard

Henke Plow Tube Table Frame